Monday, May 02, 2005

On A Pleasant Little Passage

Ordinarily, I don't take note of the good phrases and passages that I read in newspapers; it's easier to tear down than build up, I guess. But, this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about two developer's Marietta gentrification project has a real gem in it:
It's a dream of reclamation, of homeowners and longtime neighbors rather than transients, of what the partners believe will be rather than is.
What a great sentence! I like how the solid and concrete characters of homeowners and longtime nieghbors anchor the lofty dreams and uncertain future found on the sentence's edges. Plus, it sounds more poetic than most of the writing you find in newspapers, which is nice, if a little favorable to the developers. But, I suppose business writers have some leeway, since they are presumably writing for business readers from a business perspective.


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