Sunday, May 01, 2005

On A Joke Most Probably Missed

Though plenty of folks are talking about Laura Bush's funny speech at this year's White House Correspondant's Dinner, I doubt that as many people have noticed something funny President Bush said while helping plant a tree for Arbor Day:
THE PRESIDENT: Glad you all are here. Ready, Mr. Secretary?


THE PRESIDENT: First of all, I'm honored -- we're honored to be here with the Secretary of Agriculture, as well as Marshal Case, who is head of the American Chestnut Foundation. We are planting an American chestnut tree here at the White House. This is the 133rd year of Arbor Day. Our message is to our fellow citizens, plant trees -- it's good for the economy and it's good for the environment.

As well, Marshal informs me that the American Chestnut Foundation has worked very closely with the Agriculture Department to coming up with a disease-resistant strain of the American chestnut. And he says we're making good progress, and that one day the American chestnut, which had been wiped out by blight, will be coming back. And this is our little part to help it come back.

So, Mr. Secretary, are you prepared?

SECRETARY JOHANNS: I am ready. Let's --

THE PRESIDENT: A man known for shoveling a lot of things. (Laughter.)
Even though I might be inclined to say it's a little undecorous for the President of the United States to imply that his Secretary of Agriculture is accustomed to shoveling shit, especially in light of recent criticism about the new Food Pyramid, I think that the earthy atmosphere created by a digging up of the ground to plant a tree makes it okay to talk a little dirty.


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