Thursday, March 10, 2005

On Dan Rather's Retort Re-done

My earlier post about Dan Rather's famous retort to Nixon at the 1974 press conference cited CBS's transcript of last night's special, Dan Rather: A Reporter Remembers Special. On the CBS site's transcript the Nixon/Rather exchange looks like this:
Rather: Thank you, Mr. President. Dan Rather, CBS News. Mr. President ...

Nixon: Are you running from something?

At that point, Rather says, "I was thinking at the time, you know, don't let him throw you off. ... And that's when I said what I did."

Rather: No sir, Mr. President. Are you?
Most other sites, however, have transcribed Nixon as saying for, rather than from.

Though probably a typo, I don't think the transcription is any less ironic. It's funny that the special that honored a famous news anchor—one compelled to retire due to inaccurate reporting—was transcribed inaccurately. It seems even more amusing that this misquoted exchange involved an indignant Rather taking on an earlier Republican president who stirred-up so much controversy. It might even be a fitting coda to the entire affair.

Thanks for the tip, Eggy.


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