Wednesday, March 09, 2005

On Silver Li(e?)nings in a Bankruptcy Bill

Looking for silver linings in a bill that might be interpreted by many of "the people" as cold and unfeeling, Deputy White House Spokesman [why is the Times still using the -man suffix?] Trent Duffy declares:
"The administration supports the passage of bankruptcy reform because ultimately this will lead to more accessibility to credit for more Americans, particularly lower-income workers," said Trent D. Duffy, a deputy White House spokesman. "The fact that the Senate was able to set aside those issues and move toward passage shows it's another bipartisan accomplishment. Coupled with class actions, it shows we're off to a good start."
I thought that much of the problem was that too many people--of all incomes, probably--had too much credit, which is why we had so many bankruptcies in the first place, which is why we need to reform the bankruptcy law.


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