Wednesday, March 09, 2005

On Lavishness

Paris seems likely to win its bid for the 2012 Olympics and part of its appeal is that it won't take much for Paris to prepare for the Games.
[This} is also a reason why Paris intends to take a more low key approach toward the evaluation team, which has been treated to lavish dinners with royalty in Madrid and London, and received star treatment in a New York draped in Olympic banners and dinner with celebrity guests.

Paris is responding with a dinner with President Jacques Chirac and the mayor, Bertrand Delanoe, and has festooned itself in Paris 2012 paraphernalia, including five million baguettes swathed in bid-sponsored wrappers.
Unless London offered five million dinners with five million royals or New York unveiled five million Olympic banners with just as many dinners and celebrities, I don't understand how Paris is able to garner a reputation for simplicity--given all all that bread.

Now, if Paris really wanted to be both simple and impressive, they might have tried using only five loaves, instead of five million.


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