Tuesday, May 10, 2005

On A Nice Bus Driver

To get to the grocery, I can choose between a three-minute bus drive or a thirty minute walk. Depending on the time of day, weather, and amount of groceries I need to puchase, the difference can be significant. When I choose the bus, though, I have to be careful, since the buses come by infrequently--a one minute-delay on my part means an hour-wait for the next bus.

Today, I walked to the store, planning to shop and catch a bus on the way back. I goofed, though, and got through with my shopping too early. Knowing that if I waited at the stop I would be there for thirty minutes, I decided to walk. Just before starting, however, a bus on its way to the garage stopped and its driver offered me a lift, even though he wasn't on the clock. Pleasantly surprised, I accepted his invitation and made small talk for three minutes. He dropped me off where I needed to go and I left feeling good about knowing someone was willing to pull to the side of the road, pick up some stranger, and not kill him in the end.


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