Sunday, April 10, 2005

On Another Springtime Stroll

Saturday brought another nice day, so I decided to take a trip downtown with my camera.


On my way to the bus-stop, I passed a neighbor's house. This is one of her dogs. Everytime I walk past, this dog and another come to the edge of the lawn and bark ferociously at me. If it wasn't for the invisible fence, I sometimes imagine they would bite my head off. I used to think that, over time, the dogs would learn that I wasn't a threat to them or their owners and would give up their barking in favor of playful yapping and good natured jumping. I am beginning to think that they'll always bark at me like I was some shifty type. I wonder if those dogs know about self-fulfilling prophecies?


I think this is my favorite house, it reminds me of some colonial-era house, filled with spiced cider and Thomas Paine pamphlets. Look at how the chimney blends in with the tree.


A noteworthy fence.


Here's my bus stop.


This is the funeral home directly across from my stop. Everytime I wait for the bus, I feel as if I'm waiting for death.


"Nick's Barber Shop" What an odd name for a business based on scissors and cutting.


After stepping off the bus and entering Minneapolis proper, I saw this family whose awed expressions and conversation implied that the kids had never been into the city before. From the looks of their shirts, it seems that they come from a small town named Culpepper.


Here's the IDS Building. It's a fairly significant building for the city. When it was built back in the late 60s or early 70s, it was the first really big and modern skyscraper the city had, and it dramatically altered the skyline. Prior to that, the tallest building was the Foshay Tower, the little-looking building to the back-left of the IDS Building.


In the IDS Building's lobby is a waterfall. Look at that: falling water in a rising building.


Another picture inside the IDS Building's lobby. Where's the center? It reminds me of some T.S. Eliot poem.


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