Friday, April 08, 2005

On Stepping into Spring with a Spring in My Step

Convinced that today was one of those perfect spring days I would regret letting slip away if I didn't get out and take a long walk, I took a walk. And, I took a camera along.


I said goodbye to the house.


Look closely at this house I passed. Can you see the contrast between Spring's open windows and Winter's Chrsitmas lights? What you can't see, however, is a red truck behind me, driven by the house's owner who was somewhat miffed at my decision to photograph his house. After a rough, but brief, questioning he let me go on my way without having me erase my pictures. I guess I shouldn't be such a smart ass about seeing contrasts in others.


No flag at half-staff for the Pope in front of this city hall--even though it's Saint Anthony's city hall!


I thought I would take a seat in the bus stop to see what would pass by.


There! I wasn't sitting for more than a minute before a popcorn cart on a trailer went by.


Two buses raced by too.


On the other side of the tracks is a brand new Wal-Mart. I bet that when it was being built, some folks thought that it would make its side of the tracks, the wrong side of the tracks.


While they were building the Wal-Mart, they would have done well to build some bike racks too.


I think it's a little lame that Cub Foods Grocery has painted cookie ads on children's carts.


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