Thursday, March 24, 2005

On A Current Affair

Yikes! My local FOX affiliate has replaced its 10:00 pm airing of Seinfeld with A Current Affair with Tim Green. I remember watching this show with Maury Povich about ten years ago, but I don't remember it being this bad. Maybe it's this Tim Green fellow. He doens't really have his delivery and tone down too well; he pauses at the wrong times and tends to accentuate the suggestive lines like a pimply extra delivering his one line in the high school production of Oklahoma!.

Plus, the script is terrible. After "reporting" on the Texas Congressperson who is oppossed to "sexy" cheerleading, Green concludes, with something like, "I get you, it's not the bumping, but the grinding." Yes, like how I was grinding my teeth after hearing you talk like that. Or, when doing a segment on Whitney Houston, Green reminds us how we used to think she "could hold a note until the sun came up." And when she got involved with Bobby Brown and rumors began circulating about her drug abuse? Green speculates that the real problem wasn't that she was addicted to "crack, or pot, but to Bobby Brown." I bet.

Now, I don't expect A Current Affair to be brilliant--I don't expect perfection from any news show on television (with the exception of The News Hour, of course!) I just didn't expect it to be this bad, filled with poor delivery and shoddy lines. Plus, that wretched sound and graphic whenever they get down with a new segment! Aren't J-Schools just churning out hordes of TV journalists who can't find real jobs and in need of a nearly honest dollar? Can't one or two of them take a try at this stuff, maybe improving it in the process?


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