Tuesday, March 22, 2005

On Being Not Quite So

I love the little puff pieces that the New York Times puts about halfway down their webpage--the ones with the little pictures above their links--they remind me of the Style articles I used to read first when I lived in Virginia and could read the Washington Post in hardcopy everyday. Articles of this variety take something, anything, and gives it its full and thoughtful due. This article about a little resturant tucked away in an old Sears building in downtown New York is certainly no exception.

Take a peek, if you please. But, if not, at least appreciate this passage, about the resturant's austere and commericially bereft atmosphere:
Tucked away on the third floor where its only neighbors are the store's photo studio and a seasonal H & R Block office, accessible only by very slow elevator, the Munchbox is so underpublicized that its name is not even displayed anywhere on the premises. But the absence of brand awareness does not daunt Carl Coke.
No brand awareness? Why, just look at the owner's name!


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