Thursday, April 14, 2005

On the Washington Post's Implicit Position on Abortion

Many consider the Washington Post a member of the "liberal media," filled with politically biased folks who, though perhaps not consciously, frame their stories with the same liberal perspective that they view the world with. They may be right. But, I have found at least one reporter for the Post who seems to sit on the right's side of the cultural wars, one that affirms the "culture of life" by recognizing life occurs in the womb--a concession that might be said to lead one to an anti-abortion position. Here's my proof. Look at how Amy Argetsinger describes Teresa Anderson, a surrogate-mother-to-be of quintuplets:
"It is something more than I had planned for," said Anderson, a tall, vivacious woman with blond-streaked hair. "But it's what I chose."
Look at that, Anderson is vivacious, a term commonly understood to mean: full of life. Now, given that this woman is about to have five babies and that this article is about that, isn't it likely that the life referred to, in this context, is the life of the babies in her belly? If so, isn't it safe to say that there is at least one cultural conservative reporter for the Post?

I think so.


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