Wednesday, March 02, 2005

On A Month of Kindness

Jerry Rinehart, Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs, sent me an email reminding me that March is the "Month of Kindness." The email read:

Please join me in celebrating March as the Month of Kindness. The goal of this month is to unite the campus by encouraging acts of kindness that create an environment filled with goodwill, tolerance, pluralism and openness. A series of events has been organized by several student organizations and others to support this goal and to encourage members of the University community to "Be Kind. Pass it On."

Given that March is one of the longer ones, I would have preferred to have been spotted those few extra days of wontonness and allowed to celebrate kindness in February instead. But, I suppose three more days won't kill me, and assuming everyone else recognizes and celebrates along with me, nobody else will either!


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